• Buddha Company Flower

    This is where the magic happens. Our climate controlled grow room allows us to meticulously craft multiple strains at a time. This is where we grow, maintain and harvest our world famous Buddha Company Flower. We lovingly cultivate strains like Khan OG, Ghost OG, OG Kush, Cookie Dough, Purple Pu... View Post
  • Sherbinskis Now In Stock

    Originally Posted by New York full article here To his die-hard fans, Mr. Sherbinski is a storied name in marijuana. A celebrated California cultivator, he helped create the Gelato and Sunset Sherbert strains that have been name-checked in more than 200 hip-hop songs, including “Fir... View Post
  • Cannabis Infused Salad Dressing

    We found this great recipe by CANNABIS NOW for Salad Dressing. Read the full Article Here. Photo: Mad Ball Dosing: Make sure you know the THC content of your canna-oil in order to calculate the strength of your serving of dressing, assuming your salad will be dressed with two tablespoons of dr... View Post
  • Refer a Friend Get Rewarded

    We are always on the hunt for what’s new out there to ensure our customers needs’ are met. Our range of premium cannabis products is always expanding! Stop by frequently to see what's new in the store. We offer our loyal customers referral discounts when you bring a a friend so come one come all... View Post
  • More Weed, Less Bleed

    We found this video of a huge weed field in Afghanistan. Amongst war, violence, hatred and corruption, this field of green managed to flourish. We welcome everyone's opinion on this video...good or bad but one thing is for sure you just can't stare at a crop of bud like this without cracking at ... View Post